Project Spartacus

A unique and innovative rewards program for our valued drivers.

Project Spartacus is the
ultimate referral program
offered only by Expeditus Transport!

When we looked at the transportation industry and how the typical driver is treated, we decided that we wanted to make a change for the better. Drivers are often frustrated due to long hours, unfair pay and a feeling of not being a part of the company or team they are working for. For the team at Expeditus Transport, that was simply unacceptable.

While we always strive to pay our drivers well and treat them like what they are, a part of our family, we made a choice to do something more to show our appreciation. The answer is Project Spartacus, a revolutionary new rewards program that we think will not only make a huge difference for our drivers, but also shake up the entire transportation industry.

Project Spartacus is a completely free program that Expeditus Transport offers, and it is not only easy to work, it puts extra money in the pockets of our drivers. The program offers our drivers continuing monthly rewards for referring new drivers and owner operators to Expeditus Transport. Simply put, the more drivers that a driver recommends, the more money they can make every month, for free.

To learn more details about the Project Spartacus program and how it works, please visit or call 419-464-7678, option 3, to speak with a recruiter.