We're a model transportation
service provider.

We provide quality solutions to meet your demands
and exceed expectations. When tomorrow is too late,
Expeditus Transport will be there.
Everyone needs assistance in
order to thrive in today’s
domestic and global economies.

For some, these challenges
require urgency.

Since 2012, Expeditus Transport has been a model transportation service provider, specializing in ground expedited and rush-critical freight. We are dedicated to helping businesses and their customers’ transverse logistical challenges to reach their combined goals.
When time is of the essence and tomorrow is too late, rest-assured, Expeditus Transport understands your concerns and is here to provide you with quality solutions to meet your demands and exceed expectations. With complete 48-state coverage, our round-the-clock communication services will safeguard your satisfaction.

Our Services

Your ambulance service for every rush critical need.

Core Service Area (Green): While Expeditus is capable of pickup or delivery almost anywhere in the continental United States, this is our primary service area, where the majority of our freight is picked up from and delivered to. Typically we do not utilize our strategic partner carrier base for loads dispatched in our core service area.

Secondary Service Area (Yellow):Just outside our core service, this area if often travelled by our drivers with loads. We also utilize our strategic partner carrier base to supplement our capabilities in this service area.

Tertiary Service Area (Pink): Normally we do not do much business in this area, however have the capability to cover loads in this area via one of our vehicles or trusted partner carriers.

International Service Area (Blue): Currently we do very little driving in Canada and Mexico, however we are actively working on pushing into these markets, including our CTPAT and FAST certifications. We also have partner carriers that can assist us in getting your shipment to one of these locations, should we personally not be able to.

Ground Expedite

Expeditus offers a one-call solution for your rush-critical, time-sensitive transportation needs. With our advanced Transportation Management System and proprietary technology, we are able to ensure that each load is optimized to the best mode of service fitting our customers’ needs, on load by load basis.

Our rush-critical ground services include:

    • Dispatch operators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • GPS tracked vehicles
    • Online tracking of shipments
    • Vehicle exclusivity
    • Direct service anywhere in the continental United States

When tomorrow is too late, call Expeditus Transport today.


The term “truckload” simply put, is a full trailer load. The opposite term, “LTL”, applies to anything LESS than a truckload, hence the term “less than truckload = LTL”.

Example: A customer has 26 non-stackable pallets to ship. They will occupy 100% of a dry van trailer. This is a truckload. The term truckload also applies to various pieces of equipment wherein the customer’s freight does not share a trailer/truck with any other freight – the customer has exclusive usage of the equipment. Truckload carriers often provide dropped trailers to customers to aid in equipment utilization and transportation savings.


Expeditus now offers asset based flatbed and specialized equipment options for both critical and non-critical shipments. Our equipment includes not only standard flatbeds, but specialized options such as stepdeck and double-drop trailers. All trailers have FastTrak tarp systems to ensure quality delivery of quality products. Our drivers, both singles and teams, are experienced in transporting commodities ranging from steel coils to robotics and machinery – there is nothing we cannot transport!


A 3PL (third-party logistics) provider offers outsourced logistics services, which encompass anything that involves management of one or more facets of procurement and fulfillment activities. In business, 3PL has a broad meaning that applies to any service contract that involves storing or shipping items.

Levels of Outsourcing in Third Party Logistics Services

There are multiple types of third-party logistics services, the following are the different types of levels of outsourcing you can see:

  • Transactional Outsourcing: Based on transactions, with no long-term contracts and no bonding between the 3PL and the outsourcing company.
  • Tactical Outsourcing: Outsourcing on a long-term basis with negotiated contacts and integrated IT systems to facilitate free information flow and create supply chain visibility.
  • Strategic Outsourcing: Based on long-term relationships with successful outcomes, 3PL companies become partners in supply chain management and establish transactional transparency.

For more information regard 3PL services please visit our 3PL solutions provider at ShipESCS.com