Because we expect the best,
you'll find we provide the best.

Why Choose Expeditus?

The global free trade market
works seamlessly because of
the transportation industry.

Without operators and their vehicles, the free trade market would simply fail. In the expedite market, the costs and challenges are great.

At Expeditus Transport, we understand these dynamics. That is precisely why we hand-select all of our drivers based upon their years of experience, licensing, service records, quality of equipment, and verifiable references.  In order to effectively serve our customers, we require all our drivers to have a high-sense of awareness, efficiency, flexibility, and service.

Because we expect the best, you’ll find we provide the best. As a driver for Expeditus, you will be outfitted with a satellite-tracking device and in-cab scanner to eliminate the distractions and hassles of check calls and tedious paperwork so you can focus on the task at hand: getting the freight picked up and delivered on-time. Additionally, since drivers operate round-the-clock, so does our dispatch team.

We are always available, providing 24/7 support with
emergency assistance when you need it most

"We value
family first."

We understand that the life of a transport driver can be a difficult one to manage. We value family first, so if you need local runs, a break, or time away to spend with family, don’t hesitate – just ask! We will work towards getting you where you need to be as quickly as possible, or simply clear your schedule for as long as you require. And, as an expedite driver, you will find the compensation is worth the sacrifice!

Also, as an expedite driver you will be entitled to our referral rewards program. For more information please visit

Feel free to contact our recruiting team directly via phone, or simply by filling out our online pre-qualify application. We hope to speak with you regarding your interest as an expedite driver and thank you for your time and consideration!